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      • There are 2 types of AdSense account, a hosted AdSense account and a standard or non-hosted AdSense account. There is a little difference between these accounts. Almost all of us knows about it but still some people have a little confusion in differentiating these accounts. So, today I am going to tell you the actual difference between these 2 accounts.

        1 Hosted AdSense account

        The main advantage of this account is that its approval is very easy. You can easily approve a hosted AdSense account from Google hosted sites like Blogspot, hubpages, You tube, etc. But the problem with this account is that you can not use it on sites which are not hosted by Google. It means you can only use it on Google hosted sites like You tube, Blogspot, etc.

        Features of Hosted AdSense account:

        1. Easy to approve.
        2. Earn money with You Tube and with You tube live events too.
        3. You can’t use it only on Websites which are hosted by Google.

        2 Normal or Publisher AdSense account :

        This account can be used any site. It’s very difficult to approve a non-hosted or publisher account but once if your account got approved it cannot be easily blocked. It’s fully approved account so you didn’t need to reapply for any other service. You can apply for a publisher AdSense account directly from your Website.

        Features of Non-hosted account

        1. It lets you to earn money from You tube and as well as from You tube live events too.
        2. You can use it on any Website. It doesn’t matter whether the site is hosted by Google or not.
        3. You can also use it on Windows apps and mobiles to earn money.

        Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)
        Cost-per-click (CPC)

        I hope this is useful for you 🙂

          • Its just a example of CPC, CPM & CTR (Click through Rate)
            This indicate the cost of advertising, using by leading advertising platforms like google, facebook . Also many Affiliate networks.

          • I feel that youtube adsense adverts are attractive, I mean sometimes they really work depending on how nicely they are made. A personal example is I found out about etisalat promotion on prepaid through a few seconds youtube ad and then immediately tried it 🙂
            however, a lot of adverts get ignored also…

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